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Performance Tips

Did you know that what you eat can be a direct influence on how well you perform? What you learned in school about what you eat is very important and can help you. Eating nothing but junk food can't be good for you can it?

Think about your body as compared to a car. What happens if you put bad gas into your car? What happens if you do not put any fuel in your car at all? Think about it. Your body IS your car. You are inside of your body. Your body can't do what you want it to if you do not prepare correctly. You must put "good fuel" inside your body. You can not perform on "empty".

We are all different and what we need to eat can be just as varied. I find that what I need to eat can change day by day. Your body is a living/changing thing. Its never the same you know. You need to find out for yourself what you need. I find that a good balanced meal works great for most people. I always needed a little more protein than most. You can try different things and find out what works best. Carbs and protiens come in different forms. You can do some research for yourself.

Sometimes, having to much fat intake before a performance can just make the nervous stomache much worse. So can sugar. However, there are those that live on that "sugar fix" just before a performance.

What about your fluid intake? Do you have enough fluids in your body? You know you are going to sweat. Sweat is there for a reason. During your warm up and waiting before you perform, you are going to sweat, so it is good to always carry something to drink with you. There are many types of sports drinks, but just plain water works too. I always prefer soda, but that doesn't work for many people. The bubbles make some people's nervous stomach feel worse.

This subject could go on forever. I just wanted you to start thinking about it. You need to do the research and try different things to find out what works best for you. One thing is for sure, you must prepare BEFORE the performance. Its hard to perform while you eat a sandwich.

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